On September 22, 2003, Oo Syak Gee Lu Society Board members hosted officials of Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, The Peoples Republic of China with Sam Heong Society Board members. The Chinese dignitaries were from the Sam Heong area now called Sanxiang, China. They were passing through Honolulu on their way to California for official business. Mrs. Amy Jung found out about this visit and contacted Wah Jip Chang who organized this dinner at the request of Sam Heong Society President (and Oo Syak Gee Lu Society member), Dr. Hing Chang Jr. The dinner was held at the Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant on King Street.

Wah Jip Chang organized a program for the evening to honor the Chinese visitors. Souvenir Kukui nut leis were presented to them and in return, Liang Xin presented each society presidents with framed picture of Sanxiang. An 8-course Chinese dinner was served plus tapioca pudding for dessert.


Seated L-R: Chen Youwen, Liang Guozhi, Wah Jip Chang, Maile K. Chang, Dr. Hing Chang Jr., Liang Xin, Amy Jung, Lu Ruifen, Auyang Huiyan, Lin Xianghua-Standing L-R: Daryl H.K. Hu, Mrs. Kin Wah Chang, Kevin K.W. Chang, Kin Wah Chang, Sing Hoy Chang, Wah Chock Chang, Harold K.C. Hu, Kong Chang, Donna N. Chang, Ellen M. Chang, Constance K.H. Mark, Herbert Mark, Kenneth K.C. Chang, Alvin G.K. Chang, Dr. Lorene Chang, Trudy Y.K. Yee

Speech by Liang Xin, Party Secretary of The Communist Party Committee of Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City. Seated to his right is Ouyang Haiyan, to his left is Dr. Hing Chang, Jr. Standing behind is Wah Jip Chang.

Sanxiang officials presenting gift to President Maile K. Chang, Oo Syak Gee Lu Society. L-R: Lu Ruifen, Maile Chang, and Liang Xin.

Sanxiang officials presenting gift to President Dr. Hing Chang Jr., Sam Heong Society L-R: Liang Xin, Hing Chang, Jr., and Lu Ruifen.

The Oo Syak Gee Lu Society Table. Clockwise from bottom left: Alvin G.K. Chang, Daryl H.K. Hu, Donna N. Chang, Kenneth K.C. Chang, Trudy Y.K. Yee, Herbert Mark, Constance K.H. Mark, Ellen M. Chang.

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